On “On”

Of all the essayist’s affectations, none is a bigger turnoff than “On” at the beginning of an essay’s title. It is possibly the laziest way to denote the topic of an essay, and the most surefire way to make me give up reading for the day.

I should clarify:

Acceptable: On The Road

Unacceptable: On Kerouac’s On The Road

Really, “On” in the second example is just a fancy way saying “About,” except the author uses fewer letters.

I would not read an essay called “About Kerouac’s On The Road” either.

New Content Returns Tomorrow

After just 69 days and 104 posts, I am over halfway to the post total of the 2009-2011 iteration of Double Word Score, which had 192 posts. The merits of the last few weeks’ worth of posts is debatable. There was a bit of new material over the past three weeks, but most of my recent posts were repackaged digital art that had appeared in other, longer posts. But the quality of the original Double Word Score wasn’t always high either: my first fifteen posts in 2009-2010 were about the St. Louis Rams, who finished 1-15 that season. Give me trippy art over professional football any day.

I spent a lot of time on one post in particular here, and I didn’t want to stress myself with a game of self one-upsmanship. This is a daily blog, and I wanted to continue my breakneck pace. But I needed a break.

The vacation was nice. It gave me time to focus on things other than the blog for a while. I had time to fine-tune an essay for submission to a writing contest.

But it’s time to return to daily original material. During my time off, I’ve had some fascinating dreams, personal revelations, and experiences. I look forward to sharing them here. New content returns tomorrow.

Full Disclosure

Somebody convinced me to enter a writing contest, so I’ve taken down one of my posts. I’ve spent the last week tinkering with it, and the overhaul has made it unrecognizable from the version that appeared here. If my entry wins, I’ll share a link. If it loses, I’ll put the post back up and share the revised version.